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join, engage and be inspired!

Engage in events, discussions and even get a mentor! 

You can find lots of interesting sources of inspiration and encouragement for women to follow a career in STEM. 

What are the challenges I can encounter in my career?  What can I do to overcome it? 

Change your future and get new friends from around the world!  

Be a member of the Community 
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As a member of the community you can become a mentor or mentee.  Join now! 

You are a woman in STEM willing to dedicate 2 to 4 hours per month for online mentoring.

Your want to encourage and foster mentees to continue into STEM Careers by the sharing knowledge & and experiences.

You are a female student in secondary or graduate school with interest, doubts or curiosity on how to get or continue into STEM careers  


You are willing to dedicate 2 to 4 hours per month for online mentoring.

POrtraits & Role models 

Our Academy of Mentors and Role Models

Empower women interested in Science and Tech,  and release their potential for finding their own paths into future education and jobs.  

Rolemodels in WESTEM have a critical role to play.

Closing the Gender-gap within  Science and Tech, STEM, is an important mission for a modern society. 

We have to build new bridges so all women can reach their dreams and achieve on equal terms in both classrooms and workspaces.   


others who already took on the challenge, and made it!  

Meet more of our mentors and rolemodels


WEbinars & Learning

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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WESTEM PORTRAITS:  Documentary   2023 11 20

WESTEM PORTRAITS: Documentary 2023 11 20

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WESTEM Portraits:  Niki Patrinopoulou (Gr)

WESTEM Portraits: Niki Patrinopoulou (Gr)

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WESTEM Portraits:  Elisavet Cha (Gr)

WESTEM Portraits: Elisavet Cha (Gr)

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WESTEM Portraits:  Soteroula Thrasyvoulou (Cy)

WESTEM Portraits: Soteroula Thrasyvoulou (Cy)

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Webinars and Learning
STEM Role models of today


Inspiring women from the history of Science and Technology 

Anna Tiggiridou.jpg

Historical Role-Model: 


220px-Maria_Gaetana_Agnesi – Redigerad.png

Historical Role-Model: 

Aina Wifalk Rollator.jpg

Historical Role-Model: 

Hypatia no bkgr.png

Historical Role-Model: 


Historical Role-Model: 

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Women in STEM should be visible around the globe & connect!

If you are a student, a teacher, a mentor, an organization,  a university -
as long as you are interested in making progress for women in STEM. 



Show yourself! 

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