What is WESTEM? 

Welcome to the WESTEM-project. 

WESTEM, is an Erasmus project in Cooperation partnerships in the field of higher education, which supports the development and implementation of a sustainable framework to address the gap in uptake of courses and careers in STEM fields by women.

Disproportions of representation of women in STEM, as other inequalities, affect overall economic growth in many countries, in addition to difficult social issues it entails, as the Global Sustainable Development Report (2019) acknowledges, based on robust empirical evidence.


The STEM Gap is not easy to tackle, and requires sustainable strategies for long term impact. In WESTEM, the intention is to set the tone for such a path, through meaningful support and services.


Our aim

The following concrete objectives are envisaged in WESTEM:

  • Enable opportunities for girls and women to gain the skills and confidence to succeed in STEM.

  • Develop a self-assessment tool for assessing HEIs faculty readiness in promoting participation of women in STEM fields of study

  • Develop and apply suitable professional development and training to faculty to promote inclusive STEM education and support for women coming from marginalised backgrounds.

  • Attract, recruit and retain women into STEM majors and fields in colleges and universities through dedicated role model mentoring schemes.