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Tools for HIGHER EDUCATION InstiTutions

High Education teachers and faculty staff are tackling the gender gap in STEM careers, here you will find two resources to support you,  while promoting inclusive and sustainable practices.

First:  Assess how do you address women´s participation and completion of STEM courses in your institution.

Then:  Integrate the activities of the Toolkit in your classes!

We have created a Self-Assessment test to assess how HEI faculty  (teaching STEM disciplines) and the administrative staff, addresses women participation and completion of STEM courses


This test will help you identify your own and your organization's (e.g.,University, College) strengths and weaknesses in terms of gender equality in the fields of STEM.


This tool aims to promote women's participation in the STEM fields of study. 


We have designed a collection of 20 ready-to use-  learning resources, consisting of systematic and inclusive educational scenarios to support HEI faculty towards more inclusive tertiary education STEM courses to encourage girls to study and complete STEM subjects. 


The intention is not only to consider gender aspects, but also the cultural identity of the students attending STEM courses, and how instruction should differ to attend these differences.

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