Colleagues in Hallway



As part of project result 3 for the WESTEM project, there is provision for the development of a hub community,  stemming from learning ecosystem approaches.

The hub community comprises mentors/role models (MENTORS -ROLE MODELS ACADEMY), being successful women in STEM fields, coming from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

The HUB Community serves for the following purposes, as part of showcasing these women’s influential work, which is referred as WESTEM PORTRAITS:


  • encourage girls and women to pursue STEM fields of study and occupations, using successful women examples in STEM related careers. 

  • Matching users (students/teachers/tutors) with the profiles of female mentors, recruited beforehand by partners, to pursue collaboration; 

  • Detailed description of mentoring activities, where female mentors will guide students and collaborate with HEI staff; 

  • Examples of success stories - in the form of multimedia produced by the partners; social media campaigns and # challenges to promote awareness;