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You can read our newsletters here as well as in our social media.  Informative and good summary of where the project is at the moment.  

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01 June 22


About the project start.  First kick-off meeting  Presentation of the project and partners.  

02 Nov 2022


WESTEM project brief, we have done the first phase and structured the plattform.  Description of some of the tools we are using.  

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03 June 2023


WESTEM project is now releasing a new package of work which is about mentoring, specifically  hightlighting manuals, resources and materials.

04 November 2023


Presenting the WESTEM Inclusinve toolkits, the "self-assessment tool", and the multiplier events on national level.  Also reminding of that this is the last newsletter, and the final conference is approaching on 6th of December.  

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